Tracing Clouds (6/2020)

Building books, or building blocks.
Running shoes and walking socks.
I am me, I disagree.
Stuck inside, and outside’s free.

Written word, there’s no return.
Moment’s thought, not meant to burn.
Smarter? She. Would you agree?
Way out there, and not near me.

Post office bound,
mail out things I never really cared about.
Dashboard flashes, shakin’, don’t break on me.
Make it home at the very, very least.
Post office postponed, somebody else will do it.

Woke today to the heat of Arizona.
Asked myself if I still really know ya,
and again I got to the night.

Old songs hum before they scream.
A touch of rust, a bit more gleam.
You’re not you, different hue.
Tracing clouds on walls life drew.

Wheels won’t roll, but speakers sing.
Wonder what tomorrow brings.
After? Her. Some years are blurs.
Reaching out for distant words.