Running a Little Late to Everything

You ever push through?
You ever get to the other side of you?
You kinda wanna turn around because it’s better?

You ever push pause?
You ever try to find your way because
you’re not sure if, when, or where you’re going?

Always wondered what that would feel like.
Toes in the sand, I’d be dancing.
Some day, one of these days.

Running late, can’t make it.
Caught up where old thoughts are cooking breakfast,
baking bacon with no regard for the hurricane.
Another month or so, and maybe a little help.

You ever push rewind?
You ever realize it’s all in your mind?
You’ve made it up, your worst enemy’s a lie?

You ever push play?
You ever forget what you’re trying to say?
You listen for it but you never scored an answer.

On time at times,
and soon to be more frequently.
Hopefully more frequently.