Slow Down Run

I’ll feel the sun on my skin
I’ll take a run at the sky
and I’ll always stop to question
how I never ask why.

Somebody pushed pause and we’re all growing up.
Paper in plastic in oceans, unread,
believing it’s made up, the heartfelt, instead.

A word or a letter,
a song or a note,
the insane sad wrote.
Chuck it at the sea.
The for sure and the doubt,
and the hoping what’s not seen
is what was once sent out.

Sugar-spun webs take their time across the night
Sweeping color in slow motion.
It’s chaos and calming, this life that decided on us.
So we’re bending, not breaking, and stoking the fire.

Somebody pushed pause so we’re fixing things up.
Lost boats in bottles on top shelves set sail
believing in warm laughs, the window, the tale.

Reel in a wish with my mind.
I’ll make a splish as I scale
and I’ll set out to find fair wind
while staying on the rails.