Can’t stand to watch the news.
Churns me that we’ve grown used to it.
Less than fifty days away.

Can’t understand what the problem is,
common sense becomes uncommon.
This whole place is up in flames.

She was fighting and fighting.
They’d bark, she would bite ‘em.
Fighting and fought on until
she changed the world again.

Leaving a seat open,
I’m wishin’ what I think might happen never happens.
The standing up wasn’t for naught.
The speaking up one woman brought.
Little as a fly, steadfast as any group of many guys.
Oh, I bet they were terrified.

Another scolding, a smoldering dissent.
This year has been a lot.

Small hands stumb-juggling lies.
Stirs me that they’ll revise it all.
What happens if he wins?

Small’s grand in his other reality.
Seemingly, nothing’s what it seems.
When did the end begin?

Can’t stand to watch the news.
When there are nine.
Another scolding dissent
speaking for the future.