Nightmares and Vanilla

Fly stops by, thinkin’ not sure why I did this.
This man reeks of awful, nightmares, and vanilla.

Fly swings in, thinkin’ he didn’t just say that…
This man speaking’s awful, nightmares, and vanilla.

Decaf cover of the ‘leader’ of free.
Doesn’t care about you.
Doesn’t care about me.

Goodness gracious, get him somewhere else.
Unsettling just to look at him.

Fly can’t fly, thinkin’ shit I’m stuck in white lies.
This man, he wants awful, nightmares, and vanilla.

Fly, it wins. Thinkin’ I’m gonna be famous.
This man, he haunts awful nightmares, he’s vanilla.

She says I am speaking.
Smiles through the lies.
Puts him in a corner
and winks at a fly.