Accidentally East

Hey who ordered who?
Was it me? Was it you?
A table in Texas, I was so confused.

Tucson, I left it behind me.
Texas? Nowhere near on the way to Flag.
Texas? Around five hours til I’m home.
It’s one of those days, second morning’s a drag.

Aw man, the mountain’s behind me.
Man, the mountain’s back there.
Man. I gotta work in the morning.
Gonna sleep in, I don’t care.

And I don’t wanna think about Texas.

Hey what’s that sign? Where?
Headed East, morning stares.
Headed to Texas, wait, no not there.

What good ever came from that place?
Take one for a spin.
Barbecue from Tru and a couple good shows.
Other than that? I don’t know.
It’s where I was headed and not where I wanna go.

I remember leaving the slaughter house,
though not quite departing town,
driving in the wrong direction.