Said you say you’ll do things you don’t do.
Said when I get to me, I will show you.

Thought you left yourself and your old brilliant mind.
Thought if I slowed down I’d get so left behind.

He thought, I just watched me for over two years.
People sang man you’re fine but they couldn’t hear
the songs that were skipping between his ears.
Brought it to a stop to keep going.
Said I do feel the doctor robbed me.
I do believe it’s different, I do believe I know me.

Said you do things you say you’ll never do.
Said if I can find this, we can get through.

Thought you thought this would all disappear.
Thought when I get to me, I know you’ll hear.

We’ve all come so very far.
Just gotta keep keeping it up.
We’ve all just begun,
Just gotta keep keeping it up.
When this is all over we’ll have some fun.
I know you’ll hear.