Showdown at the Deep End

Ok kid, big jump to the pool.
I was about to put down something cool.

Ok kid, I’ll get up and move.
I was about to dive into my groove.
Now I can’t remember, like it was September
and it was just a second ago.

Water on my knees.
Splishing, splashing, blasting me.
That’s a sin, if you believe.
Why won’t you just leave?

Soaked pages, sitting in the evening,
you better hope they dry.
Or you’re gonna make me cry.

The sun’s not even out.
Go to bed and use your head tomorrow.

Ok kid. Hey. What’s your deal?
Stop following me, my god, is this real?

Ok kid, you win this time.
You’ve taken my patience and I’ve lost my rhyme.
I’ll never remember, and now it’s November,
or was that more than a lifetime ago?

Come on kid, you’re killin’ me.
Why I’m out here’s the sound of that fountain.