Questions I Had

What happens when the world skids?
Why don’t they ever flip their lid?
Has this moved on to come back or go on?
Did you get that song?
Has it been too long?

Who’s in charge around here?
Why don’t we question why we fear?
Has this become a recessless school?
Am I just a fool?
How does one become so cruel?

It’s been a day to the year.
This year’s been five years.
I don’t think I’ve touched a human since March.
He’s been around four years, we ask not four more.
Hit ten years and this place crashes?
You can’t be serious.
Man, this planet’s weird.

Soon we’re taking flight.

What happens when the leaves move?
Why do they stop when things have improved?
Has this gotten lost in this life and the lights?
Do you say goodnight?
Has it spun to spite?

Who stopped the world when I stood up?
Why don’t they see who fills their cup?
Has this all dissolved to a pile of air?
Will they still be there?
How does quiet convey that it cares?

Why do all these songs make me think of you?
Where did I go when they told me what to do?
And how on earth did I come back from that?