Quiet in the Rain

Tell me to write
Not type
So I don’t lose it

Held backspace, I spaced it.
Replaced it.
Like I didn’t know what I mean.
I swear sometimes that’s everything.

It’s changed so many times, I don’t know where to go.
After all of this time, you’d think that I would know.
Like I’m running and it freezes,
so I slow down and it races.
Now it seems it’s been years and I’m missing faces.
How many times can it all change?

Tell me to fight
Not write
So I don’t lose it

I thought it, he got it.
Forgot it.
Like I’d never written a thing.
I swear sometimes that’s what it means.

It’s gotta stop changing one of these days.
I’d watch the news and see half sane.
I’d have some quiet in my brain.
I’d dance with you out in the rain.
One of these days if it maintains.

Until then, I’ll make it.