A Muse Throughout

She slides like lightning through the deep end.
She’s raindrops on a shoe,
bringing all the walking
a slightly lighter hue.

She stays like wisdom on an old page.
She’s chapter books of clues
recognizing greatness
in bolder types of new.

A muse for the ages
Through lived, earned changes
Makes up stories as he goes
Writes them down as though he knows
Makes them up as though he knows
Writes down stories as he goes
Flys high, rides bikes, bakes pies, takes my
heart through all the stages
A muse throughout the ages

She paints like sunrise on a snow day.
She’s peaceful through and through,
touching up emotion
on portraits silence drew.

She crawls like happy across canvas.
She’s lilac in the blue,
lightens life up leaving
a nicer shade of you.