Bookshelves (and Birdhouses)

One day
they’ll ask what I’d say
and I’ll say you’re asking me?

they’ll ask what I’d do
and I’ll say use my own head.

Don’t put my face there,
say my name defending that,
use me like you use you or
put it on me when you know you’re wrong.

Honestly, I just build bookshelves.
Really, I’m just a guy.
I hid some grapes to make that…
and I don’t mind if you lie.
I don’t even really know you,
and I’m not even alive.

they’ll ask where they’ll go
and I’ll say where you headed?

On three.
They’ll ask when they’ll leave
and I’ll say hope you’re ready.

I don’t even really know you and I’m not even alive.
Honestly, I’m just a guy.