Unsure Staring

Do leaves miss trees a while after they leave?
What ever happened between you and me?

Do bees miss queens or realize what to be?
What ever happened and when will we see?

Water tramples water for a taste of the ground
Silence gives it all to never make a sound
Slowly, slowly seeping in
The ground, it gets so heavy

Earthquakes shaking hockey lakes
Tails chasing faces these days
Nothing really falls here
The sky still stays up there
Cools the embrace of the rough desert air
Seemingly very consistent

Do waves just sway on in or do they wave?
What ever happened before can be saved.

Do drops just fall to gather what they dropped?
What ever happened and why did it stop?

Hands walk through the sand
Head’s in the past or future, unsure, staring at the sun
It’s headed somewhere
The ground, it gets so heavy