Cold Sunshine

Leaves cartwheel off the trees.
We walk and walk and wander through the snow.
We talk and talk and ponder what we know.
Footprints never looked so deep.

We were children.
Red hoodie walks in the rain.
Not worried about tomorrow,
only what right now could bring.

Easier when we’re ready.
It all just winds up happening
like fiddle leaves reaching for the sun.
Like history teaching us to run,
we rewrite old truths that got the best of you.
It’s easier when we’re ready.

We were laughing.
Surprise parties by the fire.
Not worried about anything,
nor concern for what life could bring.

Clouds beaming at a crossroads.
We go and go and gather ourselves now.
We know we’ll know when the weather takes its bow.
Sunshine never felt so cold.

Understand that clearly there’s no plan
for how this all unfolds.
What have you been told?
We can wait forever to dive in too soon
and I’d give all my time for another moment with you.