Out There

Questions sling to silence,
buzzing like rockets at best.
Honing in on happy, ignoring all the rest.

Reckoning of wonder,
humming like sunshine soothes ice.
Bringing up the good times when everything was nice.

Looking up, are you?
Are you out there?
Out there’s somewhere, if it’s still around.
Think about, do you?
Do you understand?
Under standing water is not where you should be.

Chasing light in here.
As confused as clear,
do you ever stop and let wonder steer?
Do you ever really let go?

Vanish into blissful,
laughing like spaceships on earth.
Knowing different’s out there, exploding to the mirth.

Emerge after darkness,
peaceful like morning at dusk.
Floating in the distance. We can’t say, so we trust.

Do you ever wonder if it’s out there?