These Days and Days

Got dressed up to sit right here.
Man I’ve had three hellish years.
Walk around the block again
and hope to hear from any friend.

With the sun I wake up now.
Something’s changing, don’t know how.
Think I’m halting all the thinks,
or I am learning how to speak.

It’s been a can’t win.
It’s been a steady stall.
It’s been a different kind of everything.

This hasn’t been easy.
This hasn’t been fun.
This hasn’t been like anything I’m used to.

These days. These days and days.

To the door to drop some mail,
spaced a mask. Another fail.
Water this plant, just one more time,
and then spill out a thousand rhymes.

Write some words of hope for me.
Listen to them when lonely.
Stop the stopping going on.
Slowly move to nothing’s wrong.

My mind still goes back there.
These days no one ever sees me.
These days and days.