And Reality

A ride through Guadalupe,
two dogs on his tail.
He ignores the stop sign
with hopes their brakes don’t fail.

He’s driven past her city.
Whispered to himself,
‘I can’t find a ladder
and she’s on the top shelf.’

Don’t think about how you do things,
leads to overthinking, the feeling of beneath.
I dream all day when I don’t sleep.
I’ve seen what tomorrow brings.
When I don’t sleep.

Driving, driving, driving down a road.
He was flying.
I swear she was singing about me.

She’s silence to his wonder.
Puts it on himself,
‘Do I have it in me
to climb to the top shelf?’

They turn around to go there.
He coasts like a tide,
how honey melts as suns set.
Breathes, ‘what a wild ride.’