Friday Night

Car don’t drive in that pool.
Car slow down and be cool.
Through the mist are four headlights.
I don’t know, it’s Friday night.

Why you lookin’ at me?
Why do I do this? I freeze.
Where do you find time to fight?
Does that feel like Friday night?

Done chasing ghosts, I’ll still follow angels.
The quiet is so exhausting
and I thought it was all real
but we know I don’t ever know what’s going on,
that’s why I’m sitting outside right after it rained.

Things are gonna change.
Things are gonna change.
Time will bring back those friendfilled days,
shown smiles, more than just eyes, an old face.
Outside right after it rained.

How is it now almost ten?
How did I do that back then?
Who wants to untie polite?
When you look like Friday night.

Man, don’t worry it’s cool.
Man, slow motion and pools.
Not much is not in hindsight.
I forgot it’s Friday night.