Tasting Evening

Blue hair child of the past lost track of me
Brown hair bunny ears looking back at me
Moving with the shadows
From a candle in the corner
A mystery as eyes roll back from me

Black’s constant’s always been there
The dark, art, smarts, quiet, and wild
One more chance with what’s always been there
Soothing like the stillness
Found on snowflakes in the flow
Far away, you know
Steady as she goes
Like diamonds she has sewn

Another taste of evening
Is what I really want
Though I am on my own
Though we are not alone
Another taste of evening

Brown hair child of the past tried breaking me
Blonde hair beanie eyes come and shake with me
Sliding with the music
Like these windows with some thunder
And whispering as ears drop, shake on me

A taste of the evening
A chance with what’s always been there