What Anything Means

In the comfort of a hoodie,
a smile through a screen.
But my god that was years ago,
I don’t know what anything means.

Window, looks out at the evening.
Black and white, the scene.
By now that time was years ago,
I can’t say what anything means.

The good times melt the bad,
like these two wicks, the fire and the wax.
It shook with the hiya.
I really lit up from the hiya.
As I was falling asleep.

Took a day out to rock city
and talked out puzzled dreams.
But goodness that was years ago,
I can’t show what anything means.

Wrote a note at night to me,
shaking of a screen.
But last time? That was years ago.
I can’t change what anything means.

I don’t care what anything means.
I’ve always had a different ‘seems’.
flew and fell to float upstream
I’ll get there by any means.