Ananas Arm (6/2021)

Portland for the holiday
Lost, crawling back to the city
Cracked a good heart in a small town
No cares, oh my, what a pity
In a pan, another breakfast

Ice cream and a record store.
Ananas limb trembled that night
before the farmers market,
must have been the music.

Neighbor Dot scans smokes at the pharmacy
Hit up Bob about the floors
TV in a cave near a closet
Little but happiness and freshly hand rolled walls

Constant, what a canyon brings.
Knowing it, yet questioning.
Time’s relaxed a lot of things.
Wonder if we’ll ever sing
the refrain we’d always speak of.

Northwest winter getaway
Peace, rolling back to the apple
Shook a nice brain in a small pond
Deep down, right there, old love grapples
Like a jig, another release

Drive-thrus and a cheap motel.
Ananas limb twitching that night
before the joyous echoes,
probably from the patience.

Humming poster on a pillow soaking sunrise dapple.
Curled up, paws prep biscuits near fresh pineapple.
Wakes up in window rainbows.