Dear Mr. Bones (5/2021)

Yesterday I feel I fell
Today, I can’t recall too well
Counting, Jimmy, there alone
Dodging highways driving home

What will happen when you fall?
Will you drink it? Burn it all?
Standing, sitting, can’t sit down?
Take some time for feet on ground.

When was that?
Boxes were flying, Janis just hiding.
Needle in a knee, hit the road, head back home
and think about it.
When was that?
How is it that..

Shake me up, I feel I fell.
I’d never seen the stars so well.
Boxes, tee shirts, music, phone.
Two years later, can’t find home.

Where will you go when you fall?
Why not listen to it all?
Searching, seeking, finding, found.
Made some time for feet on ground.

And Dear Mr. Bones, drop your weapon.