Driving By Dogs / Accidental Suite (6/2021)

Graceland whispers through the redwoods
Drifting, driving by the bay
We’re parked in their living room
one of us has to stay

Roll Tyrone and look at dem dog
You brought us to a bookstore
Laughs in front of the lobby
If we are not in water, tell me what are we in?

What else is going to happen?
What else will we remember?
Is it time we open the bar?

Max bet. Max, you look like someone we know
and we don’t mind the slip up.
Don’t mind the mistake at all.
Rush and corner windows.

Licking knives, legendary late night snack
Marble, fist in the air in the back
Utah, Deluxe, load it to the sidewalk
Don’t need skis, we’ve got skis
but I’m not too sure about a cooler

Splashing naive oceans
Truck stop spicy chicken potion
Oh. Whoa. The range of emotions
I’m so tired, I’m wide awake

Cabana bottles, yeah right
“What is this?” that night
Boys, the future is bright
Honking, saving lives
Wait, did he really sweep the snow?
The bunnies. I’m not sure I can drive this road

Flip flop barefoot needle
Vegas, bridge, breakdown
Tree hole turnaround
Real well ‘til wheel wells comb the desert
Scent of fish without warning
Kicking stuff in the morning

Which door to the soft serve?
Which floor is the soft serve?
We go to bed, they’re having lunch, it’s their afternoon
and the water and the glass are just waking up

Cooler’s open, not open, we’re driving by dogs