Groundhog Day (3/2021)

Looking for that point of view.
Says and sees the same things everyday
so he asked you.
A mystery’s what happened.

He sits outside and writes
in a beanie under umbrellas at night.
Groundhog Day. Watches air,
questioning the saying someday something will care.
Thinking, ‘I’ve always thought I think too much.’

Heard the song before she sang it.
Checked his bell and then he rang it.
Thought insane’s the same as staying the same
and flipped around and around and around
to a pint-sized town where he didn’t have a name,
so he’d never feel surrounded.

He dreams outside at night.
In a beanie under umbrellas, he writes.
Groundhog Day. Seeking stare,
questioning the saying someday silence won’t blare.
Writing, ‘I’m never right, I write too much.’

Someday’s always far too soon.
It’s a workout getting through to you.
He says funny, there’s a song about that.
He heard it before she sang it.