Hermits (3/2021)

Raindrops, my thoughts
I’ve never known where they come from

I was thinking of you when you thought about me
What happens when I cross your mind?

Welcoming warmth when I read ‘truly’
A reason for only half for my eyes
Hearts of gold hermit entire calendars
Half-normal for the first time in a while
but words never packed the same punch as a smile

The song brings you back to the day
I think too much about what I should say
That was written about right now
and I don’t wanna lose that

You were thinking of me when I thought about you
Guess what goes on when you cross my mind?

Fast undertones before some sleep
A daydream at 1am
Vertical cursive words bring me back to the day
When everything by my side sometimes stayed
Handwriting loops calm around a spine
Bringing another one sided smile
I swear I saw ‘love’

Sunrise, that thought
I’ve always wondered where it comes from