Masters of Past (7/2021)

Backyard dreamer dreams up scenes
Purple pastry people preen
They say boy you’ve shown your shine
What happened to all the wonder?

Naive know-how wags its tail
Plastic postcard people wail
They say boy you’ve cooked your clock
Why don’t you rinse off and dine us?

Lounges on a curb to scout a map
Pauses, points a finger, and snaps
This antique shop is the past
Be thoughtful in there and know there’s nothing new
All you’ve got is anywhere ahead of you
And patience will slow some spinning

Soulful singer slinging hues
Paints what porous people do
She sings boy you’re more than most
When will you ever get going?

Righteous writer writes down fights
Plastic pageant people, trite
He shouts man you’ve lost your lust
Where did you hide all the lightning?

I’ve always had a storm
It won’t settle
It’s right here, ahead of you

Leaves the shop, soft-slams the door
He walks outside for what’s in store
Catches tinted eyes from two passers by
Chimes most of it’s already broken
And what happened to all the wonder?