Oh (5/2021)

Come back, don’t be afraid
Tomorrow is a brand new day

Ups and downs and I reach out
praying for an answer.
In the sky and on the ground,
she’s my favorite dancer

And I shouldn’t put you through that,
not after all that
I guess it’s that I trust you.

And no I’m not leaving
A break, to reshape and shovel dreams
To really, totally, connect me?
Been waiting my whole life

And that might mean some sleep

Ins and outs and I’ll look up
Pray, a few more chances
On the sand, I’ll raise my cup
smiling as she dances

You’re back, I’m not afraid
Man those were some dark, dark days

Got locked in a box for a year with no sleep and lost it.
Couldn’t get out of myself
And I couldn’t get in either.

what was make-believe?