Only Reason To Type (8/2021)

Is it fluid?
Is it we’d?
This thing’s all that I wanted
and all that I think I need
I just wish I could read it

Is it with?
Is it sith?
I only see two letters
Wonder what the last page says

Man it is so late.
And why is this happening today?
Exhausted excited I’m falling asleep
There’s so much in here

Yes I saw truly
Yes I saw sometimes
You must understand
What that does to a mind
I think we’ll be flying

At first it was part
I thought it said port
Not until now I see it says poet
A lot goes on up here
I’m not sure it’ll ever be clear
I know I adore the cursive

Oh! Look something’s been erased
My, my. I’ve missed another sign
but I’m certain I’ll still get there
Crazy what can happen in a day
What else is coming my way?