Sit Down Groove (5/2021)

Sat down and grooved. I moved.
Engrained is the first time I saw you.
A night that changed my life.

Got down, I moved. You grooved.
Enshrined is the first time I heard you.
A line that changed my life.

Up on the rocks.
A child blown away, couldn’t help but sway
those notes
and white lights
would never let that same me stay.

Your rhythm was a time machine.
It could make me feel that I know what I mean.
A bouncing ball of light’s become a mixed up dream
and after all of this? This year? I just can’t believe it.

I feel now it’s a wind.

Sit down and groove, I’ll move.
The time in LA when I saw you.
That night changed my life.

Get down, I’ll move. You? Groove.
Last time, here at home, when I heard you.
That one saved my life.

Unbreakable foundation.
Solid. Rock. Flotation.
Now up there, shaking the sky.