Tethered Wish (8/2021)

All four seasons changed that day.

Circle this lake, hum a movie theme.
Wonder if she gets what they mean.
It’s everything.

Coasting these days.
Memories brood in pain
and when that feeling leaves,
those thoughts? They go away.
Blown away like leaves
so some are bound to stay.

Needling me, stick a needle in me.
It’s all coming back so suddenly.
Grasshopper leapt, hit his face on a tin gutter
right before realizing he’d be tardy.
Eyelids fall, they face the ground,
as it all moves without a sound.

What have I forgotten?
Why didn’t I make the call?
And why did I make that call?

Driving home, plucking distant thoughts.
Tether a wish to the wind, double knot.
It’s all I’ve got.

All four seasons changed that day.