15 min at 450

She was dancing on bed.
He stood, up in his head.
She flew outside and followed her sun.
He learned to walk after he learned to run,
watched her follow her sun.

Hiding the pages.

That was then and now’s the past
Future races, places last
Missing faces climbing masts
Tripping children hiding flasks
Yes I’m here, you have to ask?
Crystal clear when now’s the past
Lady, I thought that that would last

Words are words, what is it you’ve heard?
I’ve always thought you’re wonderful.
Can’t use water or thoughts will blur.

Let go of anything coming back around
Stars may shine without a sound
Hearts will feel what minds confound
Shed some skin and find no doubt
Get confused and figured out
Darkness floods before it drowns
Beatty burns, can’t call the hound

Pages get sunlight.

He was sleeping on road.
She was building her glow.
He eyed outside and looked for the sun.
She found her feet before she found her fun,
left him chasing the sun.

Thinks about reading a book they’d read about,
heard words and words were left burning.