The things that I’ve seen dance inside me
In flurries, lost wins blow away what’s left of us
I’m not worried about throwing caution to the wind
It speaks to me, has our back,
says, “it’s time to begin.”

I wonder if you got that letter
I know I sent it years ago
Unpracticed pen-thoughts shipped
kindergarten penmanship,
the past written as a present
Who knows.

Who. Knows. ?

The things that I need are inside of me
They scurry, shed skin, and learn to face the sun
I’m not worried about tossing caution to the wind
It pushes me, sends relaxed,
says, “fun is not a sin.”

Breathing out what I don’t need
Gifts got given, took my free
Why’d these gifts get left with me?
Films walk minds on a wire through reality
Where things are never too believed
California coast where credits cut the scene