Crimped Clouds

Rather be seen as insane
than be a few minutes too late

Rather show all of my cards
than try to hide this, that’s too hard

In your head like warm cornbread.
In the breeze with expertise.
Prowess, magic, your command,
endless love, and circus bands.

The sky is wise, it cries as distance is delivered.
She’ll stay chilled
no matter how many blankets you bring her.
A bottomless sea you can’t seem to fill,
perhaps more sailing will find you more still.
Clouds crimp, shift shape to purehearted parcels
falling faintly to familiar.

Penning papers by the gulf in my mind,
ankle deep in what’s behind
splashing slowly toward the shore

Rather live windows open
than not know if this thing is broken

Rather write names in the sand
with both, my warm and your cold hands