Far Past Dreaming

And still I, sitting, saw a raft
to take me on beyond today
Thoughts caught wind and wrote a draft
This is then and when was that
This is when pens drift a draft

Neighbors fight while flowers bloom
Have some fun kids, trample a roof
Hidden rain, burnt popcorn soon
We’ll never know what we’re never gonna do
unless we step outside and do something

Awake these days next to sunshine in a rainstorm
Alive at times and I wind up at a raft
that’s drifting far past dreaming

So wild, I swore she drew a lifetime
where lines aren’t crossed and clouds aren’t days
Ink sinks pain and paints with rhymes
This is when they ask you why
This is when brains reel out rhymes

Up by sunshine in a rainstorm
Sunshine brings some thunder
Alive at times, and then I find a raft
Drifting far past dreaming