Finding Unrooted

Stuck on the sun,
a flower does another day
wearing shades as she tracks won.

Loyal to a star,
a shadow spills another “wait”.
Yellow prays, “stay near where you are.”

Withering from watching.
Cut these, I’ll get to the sky.
Life, it moves and it shines up there.
The sun absorbs all, but avoids my stare.
Wasted on waiting, I’ll dig these and I’ll find the sky.
Torching this weather.
Shedding heavy petals.
Shaking the devil scared.

Beyond this tapestry’s sparsely sewn edge
and well beyond self’s doubt-made selvage,
out past what’s been slashed and burned,
that is where I’ll bloom, I’ll learn.
That is where you’ll find me.

Clytie all dolled up, dialed in, unrooted.
Helios drops and seeks out shine in shade
to whisper, “let’s unmute this.”
Under blue once slowly burned.

Dialed in, unrooted.
Whispers, “let’s unmute this.”