Headed To Smile

Met a man on a character, thrill, and fruit filled bus.
Bag down. Sat down.
My ears sang the same old song.
He looked at me, he saw me breathe,
He said, “why don’t we talk, just the two of us.

It appears you’re near the door to all that is more…
A few things I found while I was in what’s in store.
Watch out for which times you listen to yourself.
It’s easier not alone,
and it gets easier being alone
after you string enough days together.
Hey. Look out this window, remember that weather.
Now back in my eyes, you’re going to believe lies.
The ones who were there in your darkest days?
Those are the ones who’ll forever stay,
even when they leave for a while.
You’re going to smile.
The other side of the world will change your world,
coffee in a small town years later, passing through,
she’ll say follow dreams, they’re lucky to have you.
Heads to the bay, the one who halfway stays.
You’re going to smile.
No end, no back then, a breakdown or two to achieve dreams’ dreams. Gleam. It’s how it seems.
Close your eyes and thank a rainbow sherbert sky
just before it starts melting.
Things will change.
Thoughts will range.
I’ll only say that you’ll more than make it,
and the rest of this.
There are going to be a lot of things you will miss.
Remember, some things stay even if they go away.
You’re going to smile.
You’ll get absolutely crushed. A bunch.
You are going to learn so much.
You have always had the touch.
It’s how you’ve grown.
It’s how you’ll grow,
It’s how you’ll know,
and patience.
Graciously gathering love.
It’ll find you.
Ordering chills from above.
You’re going to smile.
That one love? That’s the one that will teach you
so much.
Man, you’re going to get crushed
and take a deep breath and get up
like me
right now.
This is my stop.
Thanks for the talk.
By the way, I’m Walter.”

Stood up. Hood up.
And then
And then he was gone
And in my ears? A brand new song
And I looked out that same window
And rode
to see if he was wrong.
Rode, watching by the window.
Swear that man dropped a different song.