Leave It Rolling

Replacing love, simpler once started
Years spent spun on since departed
More and less cares, a breath of fresh air
Though somewhere stirring, it’s subtly there
Under the same sky but it feels so far
It’s nice

Comes and goes and the same things get said.
That’s just too perfect. Too together.
A distant time frame to piece things together.
If anyone, it’s you.

As if hearts or minds or lives rewind,
studying that part before it gets going.
Push play, roll it.

Recycling dark, words will scare the weather
Shade, left laying on the ground on the feathers
Bright and black days, the turnstile turned grey
The one way whirling, it’s slowed to sway
Under the same sky but that thought’s so far
It’s nice

Things in cahoots we can’t control so let’s go.
Go. Go. Press play. Leave it rolling.