Over and Over

Future hangs,
dangles from a string
swings between new and familiar.

Small but strong, he fights for better days.
Sends thoughts out as she dreams the night away.
Quiet, not gone, she’s a warrior of light.
Paints rivers winding, running to lavender skies.

“I won’t let you down.
Time will figure our futures out.
It’s already almost there.
We can find a future here.
The rest, here, isn’t history.

Hear my heart and you’ll feel mine.
Dance with me and ease my mind.
What if the timing was right all along?
I’ll take the time, and I will sing your song.

Wasting away to grey streets.
Over and over and over…”

Volume knob on others’ voice being turned down.
Roots intertwine as four beautiful eyes
rise and bloom from solid, gold, and purple ground.