Take The Rainbow

I can be ‘happy’
I can take that
but I scramble to a thirty six year old seven year old
who’s confused about how he got here
and where everyone went
I can take the blue one

I can feel ‘calmer’
I can take that
but I’ll lose months in a matter of seconds for years then ask you where all the time went all the time
and about what comes next
I can take the yellow one

Certain, I’m good. Think I’ll be just, me.
What if I was me? Which of these is me?
What if we, did I? Circled. Crazy created amazing.
Waited in my own line a while
with what’s in store in my hand.

That was then and now is free
I’ve got things they haven’t seen
I think I’ll just be me

That’s a funny feeling to have

I can be ‘focused’
I can take that
but I’ll be a featherweight runner-up, chasing me
to the corner of the corner that I craft
and back me into
I can take the orange one

I can be different
I can take those
and I’ll be watching me do the opposite of me
while I say wait, no don’t do that
to ears that can’t hear true meaning
I can take the rainbow

But I’ve been there.
Think I’ll just be me.