The Routine

Scheme about tap dance at parties
Laughs about the routine were routine around
the holidays
He’s still got his shoes

Afternoon rings
Talking patterns, patches, what’s worth digging
A voice that brings a smile
The sweetest sound in a while

Hope everything’s alright. If not, he’ll learn to fight.
Teekadeek every night.
Steel toe slippers, friends, delight.

Wild how much life can happen in just a little while.
Wild what’ll come around.
Tapping without sound, wild waiting at your door.
How did all of that happen?
And when are we shaking this floor?

Slur about platforms in sweaters
Planning out the routine was routine around
the holidays
She’s still got her shoes

Call you back rings
Talking people, foot out, what’s worth changing
A smile that brings a smile
The sweetest thought in a while

Like toes touching new shoes
Jazz recalls the routine
Things no one’s ever seen