This Proportionate Light

Mixing thoughts in melting pots
Portioned posture pouring knots
Maybe a little
Maybe a lot

Butchers baking candle sticks.
Under a handpressed door
a handmade life finds life.
“Maybe one day when I’m up there
I’ll talk some stars down for you.
Stars crash to start over or climb
to shine”

Darkness prays for lights decay
Frantic fixtures flying away
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe today

Breakthroughs when broken
Easier said than done
The day Day finally heard itself
The day Day finally won

Dripping twine, wax castles built over time.
Racing the shade coming earlier these days.
Start over or shine? Climb?
Melting thoughts ‘til dark decays.
Handmade life comes to life.
Talk some down for you.