Unwinding Kind

Bitter glitter shines on lost times,
sticks around for ages.
Knitters chitter rocking oak chairs,
notice when we’re ancient.

Find it when we’ve faced it,
realized, and erased it.
The sparkle in the darkness.

Hearing Beatles buzz on fools and together,
submarine strawberries and getting better.
Yesterday, lullabies, then let it be.
Oh, darling, majesty, phone to me.
In the end.

Spinning on a table for over a half century.
I’ve got a feeling.

With our ears we traced it,
perspective had misplaced it.
The kindness in the silence.

Muzzles guzzled what words once meant,
happy mouths were cheated.
Puzzles nuzzle, sticking it out,
will not be defeated.

Seemingly spinning on a table,
a day in the life.