Card in the Garden

Lion’s Manes don’t sting a thing.
Together, we slip/score the sea.

Darkness’ calls don’t loudly ring.
Together, I know what I mean.

Alpaca purchaser confers knowledge
on patience and who is able.
Lead me to his stable.
Put it all on the table.
This will be a legendary ride.

I’ll ink up the calendar, to tend to the tree,
if I am around and time will have me.
Messing up manes,
inverting an hourglass’ journey.

Meeting people, going back to the rock.

Monster tales get stitched and steamed.
Together, we enjoy our seams.

Sunrise, calm, “everything you see.”
Together, nothing is a dream.

“Look at the stars.”
“You’re more than what you’ve become.”
“Can’t cut it out, it will grow right back.”
“It doesn’t matter, I’m home.”