A walk on dapple and the smell of the rain.
We got the same name. Frank?

I really thought that’s what I was missing,
but it was only another piece of the sky.
Ready to get running alone.
Don’t be afraid of watermelon dreams.
Sometimes sleep plays real life things.

Strolling around this place these days
just doesn’t feel the same.
Nearly certain something’s missing here.
Edge piece excitement here, here, here.
This one can’t go missing
and that one’s in the wrong spot.

Got there, I got scared
Distant sunshine pushed me through
Thought, no… felt that that was true
For me, with hopes of you

Just listening to music, I guess that’s what I do now.
Making a good song, I mean, my god, today.
I know sunshine’s doing her time the same way
and that everything’s always been okay.
I always loved the sleeping.
A muse on which these thoughts could wander.

A talk, two couches, an attempt to explain.
Dead in the new game. Snake?

Angels on walls, in clouds, on shoulders
pushing sunshine toward her moon.