Material, Years Disconnected

Taught lessons to me on who I can be
and showed me what I’m looking for, need
and that was the most me I’ve ever been.

Sang, “in a daze since..”
She worked a puzzle at the table.
I thought, “spend my days with..”
then whispered, “I’m just cleaning.”

You’re not going where
you’re saying
you want to go.
You’ve been disconnected
from yourself
it seems to me.
Maybe you’re not one to be believed,
but that was a real tone.

Probably all just material
Good and bad, it’s material
This and that, material
Truth and lies, it’s material
Dark and light, material
So, what are you going to do
with all you’ve been given?
Paint, sew, write, or knot?

Paint, sew, write, knot.
Unfinished art, only started but so right.
The doctor says it’s material, so why not?

My mind springs around my head all night.
Use my light any night. Probably wasn’t right.
Found turtles and hedgehogs but can’t find you.
Tomorrow I’ll know what to do
and look at all this material to use.