Time Tiled Benchmarks

Do you remember talks on soul vacations?
Slow my mind, leave it on one station
for a moment or two.

Deep discussion on sensing dew, and shadows.
Landed here, we don’t know how though.
Take a moment or two.

Dusting highways, time riding shotgun.
Tiles send signals, certainly the right ones.
So much piled on and the clock has just begun.

Traveling with time, golden hours in a wild life.
Sundial dreams, leaning to the right.
If I come across a lamp, I’ll wish to bring time light.
Simon sings, “so this is what she means.”
She’s better than any dream sleep could ever bring.

Tried not dwelling on time all the time
Tell me tiles, tell no lies
Don’t know where, but I do know why
Time’s vacationed in my clear mind

Eyes wide, hands cross quick with whispers
Fingers signal with silence at pre-perceived/known
Toes will soon tap in sync with time
Shining through, a lighter shade of me

Awakened, Time asked to pullover.