1010 in 5 Min

Draw out thinking or overstand
I understep and understand
take the sand, see – sing it as the sand is this hand
Blue sky and the family’s stoned
Leave it alone boy, don’t touch your phone

I write around this desert town
Under tonight, when the half moon’s half light
Rolls a horseman once called classy
Blue on yellow to paint this place black
These years weren’t supposed to be like that

Transcribing past writing with writing.

A raconteur’s intended meant
Will never mean that that was what it meant to you
Or means to you
gleaming moon
Puzzles bring brass panic back
Weeds melt up to cunning grass
I am strutting or skipping backwards
Movie-ing into me
Soul’d chocolate nails and sparkling white keys
Fingers crossed tomorrow will be the last sneeze
The castle has assembled and come to agree
Blistered fingers flag strings hum flea
See – sing it as the sand is this hand
Hot glue fingers slap twisted history