930 Door Jam

Man, the music box has no address
So I put in the bush company where ladies undress
Brown line leads me around and across town
Back to dancing, moving, grooving
Helping the people get down so I stay up

There are parts of me that’ll never be whole
Divots and dents, man – my road needs a toll
Nothing like a rock in a shoe and a rock in the road

Super crumbles, he folds a cape
Dark walks towards a chocolate factory
Steel melts, let’s Aluminum take the wheel
Walks a little lighter
Shines a little brighter

I never meant to hurt a heart
it was where and how I was, and how I can’t be
that wasn’t who

A big ol’ breeze to open me up
A tiny little gust could close it
Need a jam for my door
want some gum on my boots
and a tiny bit more

Walk a little lighter, shine a little brighter
So I stay up, help them get down
So I stay up, strawberry goo
the lower case is for you