Alien In Pink

Flashes badge. Little man.
Has no heart. Garbage can.

Put on stripes. Find a bunk.
Chain link fence. That’s a skunk.

Grab pink socks and panties
A soaked towel for your neck
The desert sky’s never been so clear
Both, innocent, or alien – doesn’t matter here

Foundation was built, evil without guilt
Summer sun warped minds
Like houses earthquakes built
Posse locked and loaded
Different mocked and folded
The message here is hardly subliminal
Get real tough on criminals
The less-than here’s hardly subliminal
Innocent, alien, or both. Means nothing here
Desert sky’s never been so clear

Breath is smog. Mean old man.
Backs deranged. Loony plans.

Here’s your cage. Find a pal.
Here’s some sunshine for morale.