Casino Night

Cold cow shakes up steps
Subtle smile for a camera
Thinking maybe milk me
Or grind or slaughter me for the tenth time
Or over/under the moon
Or nothing happening soon

It’s crazy and too late
Two days ago and earlier in the day
May have been right, so cow slept alone that night
A movie with no music
A light without a sound
Too late rang too early

Grandma’s at the casino
Baby’s on the floor
Cow is shuffling ‘round the place
Wondering about more

On a plain or drowning
Burnt or soaked to the core
Either way, it was a ride
That’s washed up on the shore

Tosses pebbles at a window prior
Doesn’t ring a bell, the lights left on
Seven pounds of chocolate in a backpack
In the right slacks, in the wrong hat
For release and a go at the wrong time
Symphony strings sing slowly to silent
Is that that?


Feels footsteps, slides a few steps back
And up to the third floor to wait
Heard his name, it’s not a game
Quick bark, the feeling it still sounds the same

What was made up was made up of stars
Was it made up?
This mind woke up so far from home
Cow clicked boots times three and turned to stone